Control virtually any device in your new condominium home –TV, cable box, DVR, thermostat, lighting, security system and more – at home or from anywhere IN THE WORLD on your smart phone, tablet or single remote control.




Hide your cable box and other audio/visual equipment out of sight …. select and control any entertainment device or source wirelessly from anywhere …. with just one touch start your movie, turn down the lights and the sound kicks at the perfect volume …. turn on the lights and your TV from the parking garage and don’t ever come home to a dark silent apartment again.


Set whole home lighting scenes that suit your moods and activities …. romantic dinners …. movie nights …. waking in the morning without the glare of bright lights …. or just keeping your lonesome pet happy while you’re away.


Preprogram your thermostat for every hour of the day or night …. then override it by choosing to delay raising the temperature if you’re coming home late, or raise it sooner if you’re on the way home early.


Can’t remember if you armed the security system when you left home …. expecting a serviceman while you’re at work …. no problem …. arm and disarm any security device from your smart phone, even see who’s in your apartment and what they’re up to.

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